Music Production

Yumi Umiumare – Sound Design

I have been creating sound for the inimitable Butoh punkess Yumi Umiumare since 2011. Below is a video excerpt from our “Pop Up Tearoom Series” which was part of FOLA 2016 and some audio from Dasshoku Shake which I composed and did the sound design for. This Butoh Cabaret madness won a Green Room Award for Innovation in Cabaret  and was part of the 2012 Melbourne Fringe. Dasshoku Shake was a collaboration with between Yumi and Theatre Gumbo from Osaka. More on the magnificent Yumi Umiumare at

Eugenia Lim – Sound for Video/Installation

Since 2006, I have collaborated with Eugenia Lim who works across video, photo-media, installation and cross-disciplinary practice. She is an inspiring individual so if you have not checked her out, you can do so right here…