Beat Tapes

Once a year for the last three years, I have released a collage of forward facing beats to get the new year off to a good start. All tracks were created as part of a regular Beat Cypher challenge where a collective of music producers from different countries are given two samples, a BPM and a couple of days to turn a beat out and upload it to a mystery location.

Renowned headphone pioneers NURA, have been using tracks from the Beat Tape series for their ongoing advertising campaign to highlight the complex aural capabilities of their latest products.

Available artist direct from Audible Artefacts via Bandcamp.


Created for friends by their friend (me) because I like them and their music.

Music Production

Collaborations with other music artists that I have produced / performed with.

Eugenia Lim – Sound for Video/Installation

Since 2006, I have collaborated with Eugenia Lim who works across video, photo-media, installation and cross-disciplinary practice. Interested in how nationalism and stereotypes are formed, Eugenia invents personas to explore the tensions of an individual within society – the alienation and belonging in a globalised world.

Our most recent collaboration ‘The Australian Ugliness‘ which I composed a six channel surround score for showed between March and June 2019 at the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of The National.

Yumi Umiumare – Sound Design

I have been creating sound for the inimitable Butoh punkess Yumi Umiumare since 2011. Below are video excerpts from our performance happening at The Abbotsford Convent for “ButohOUT! 2019” as well as “Pop Up Tearoom Series” which was part of FOLA (Festival Of Live Art) 2016. Our previous work Dasshoku Shake won a Green Room Award for Innovation in Cabaret  and was part of the 2012 Melbourne Fringe. Dasshoku Shake was a collaboration between Yumi and Theatre Gumbo from Osaka. More on the magnificent Yumi Umiumare at

Check out some of our previous collaborations below…

Original Music Score for Melbourne Immigration Museum

“Forget The Stereotypes” is a long term collaboration between four former international students, theatre maker Catherine Simmonds OAM and film maker Irene Metter. Part of the Immigration Museum’s permanent collection, the video work explores lived experiences of home, work, study and play. Beautifully dynamic and engaging stories to build understanding spoken from members of the international student communities own mouths. Now showing at the Melbourne Immigration Museum.