In 2010 I mixed and co-produced Peter Knight and Dung Nguyen’s amazing record Residual which was released on Parenthèses Records. Pete is an incredibly exciting musician with a really diverse bunch of creative skills and a good friend. Aside from playing beautiful ‘regular’ trumpet, Pete has developed his solo project Allotrope in which he explores electroacoustic adventures  using the trumpet, flugel horn, laptop electronics, amplifier and pedals. In his spare time, Pete is also Artistic Director of the Australian Art Orchestra.

The Residual album saw Pete apply these improvisatory performance and live processing techniques in collaboration with Dung on guitar and traditional Vietnamese stringed instruments. The remix album Re: Residual  has just been released and which includes my rework of the title track as well as some beautiful versions by LENA, Tilman Robinson, Joe Talia and Black Sifichi. It’s available HERE on the Parenthèses Records Bandcamp page for ‘pay what you want’.

“…Dan was actually the mixing brain behind Residual when it came out in 2010. For someone who knew the album so well, Peter and I were thus pretty excited to ask him to come on board and to see what he would come up with.”

“…Dan worked on the remix of the eponym track of the album and chose to explore groove-based textures with strong dance floor elements, while never fully going in that direction. The tension here truly refers to the tense sonic dialogue and sporadic resolutions that occur between Pete and Dung on the original album.”

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